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Corporate Legal Services:

Our Corporate Legal Services include providing consultancy to the top management for the strict compliance of the regulatory legal frame work and submitting required reports and returns to the regulators on behalf of the company. Our services includes:

Providing Legal Opinions on Corporate Management Issues

Most of the Corporate and Regulatory Affairs (CORA) Services
Legal Documentation

Business Restructuring Services . . .

When restructuring your business it is essential that the processes are properly documented and that all appropriate legal requirements are followed. Our Business Restructuring Services are as follows:




Transfer and Allotment of Shares

International & Local Arbitration . . .

We provide legal help in negotiating disputes arising between parties participating in International Trade. If required, we also handle cases of the Arbitration Act. Our arbitration services are as follows:

Negotiation and Arbitration on Convention on International Sale of Goods (CISG)

Negotiation and Arbitration on LC matters based on UCP 500/ UCP 600

Corporate Tax Solutions . . .

We tailor our solutions to your tax issues in a way that keeps your company taxes at a minimum within the legal framework. We also show you the way how to reinvest your profit. Moreover we also deal with your VAT and Income TAX related cases and help you prepare and submit your TAX returns. Our tax solutions includes:

Tax Planning

VAT and Custom Related Services

Corporate Income TAX Solutions

Financial Institutions (F1) Related Services . . .

We ensure proper documentation on mortgage, syndicated financing, hypothecation etc. We also conduct legal assessment on the proposed investments for the financial institutes. Our services include:

Documentation of Different Financing Vehicles


Litigation Services . . .

The lawyers at Attorneys are at the top of their fields in trial and appellate practice and are dedicated to the aggressive, efficient prosecution and defense of clients’ disputes. Our services are:

Labour & IR Litigation

Civil Litigation

Tax Litigation

Foreign Investment Facilitation . . .

As a foreign investor, you have to comply with various local laws and formalities regarding your investment. We, at Attorneys, will assist you in every step to set up your business in Bangladesh. We offer:

Incorporation or Registration of Foreign Companies

Liaising with the Board of Investment of Bangladesh

Liaising with BEPZA and Setting up Plants in EPZ

HR Policy Advising . . .

We invest in understanding clients’ businesses and offering professional advice and creative solutions to help clients achieve their business and financial objectives. We help clients identify successful business solutions, reduce risk and maximize opportunities so that their businesses can grow profitably and efficiently. Our services include:

Employment Law Advising 

Consultation on Industry Regulation

Training Employees on Labor Laws

Social Auditing in RMG Industry . . .

We, at Attorneys, would ensure that your company is complying with the specification of the buyers which in return would enable you to acquire better orders from the major buyers. Our auditing services include:

Buying Houses

Local Labor Law

Environmental Law