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Pioneering Corporate Legal Services in Bangladesh, the Attorneys is a highly prospective law firm providing client-focused, interdisciplinary services that result in high-value legal counsel for its clients. Its practice areas encompass the full range of Corporate Legal Services, including corporate governance and compliance, securities, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property and IP litigation, and tax.

Although legal service is an utmost essential for the thriving Corporate Houses in Bangladesh, the country’s legal industry has very little resources to cater to this rising demand. Modern Management concept is virtually nonexistent in the traditional law firms and also within individual lawyers. But at Attorneys, we make the difference by blending innovative management practices with our legal expertise and thereby extend tailored, efficient and timely services to our valued clients.

A Synergistic Approach . . .

The keystone of Attorneys is the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Advocate Yusuf Ali, who has amassed, even for his young age, a substantial amount of experience in both legal and business arena. Attorneys’ biggest strength lies in its rich pool of consultants, whose technical experience and industry knowledge is leveraged to serve its diverse client base, ranging from global multinationals to small, entrepreneurial companies. Moreover, Attorneys also hires highly promising graduates from top-notch Law and Business Schools of the country.

What makes us unique is that we treat your problem as ours. Complete attention and exclusive care is given towards understanding your predicaments, in-depth analysis and study of these problems is conducted in order to come up with a logical and effective solution and finally, making a smart and convincing submission before the court and thereby ensure the result. If you require any legal assistance, Attorneys is your one-stop solution.