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Activity Highlights...


Attorneys is the employment law consultant for Grameenphone limited, the biggest telecom company in Bangladesh and the subsidiary of the Norwegian telecom giant Telenor Group. Attorneys and Grammenphone work together to keep industrial relations smooth and friendly and to create congenial atmosphere to stay close to it's corporate values.

Heidelberg Cement:

The relations between Heidelberg Cement and Attorneys has been developed to form a corporate strategic alliance. We are strategy partner. We work together to make business stronger through all sorts of regulatory compliance. This partnerships advances as the business of the company is surpassing it's target every year with all the parameters set.

Project Concern International (PCI):

Apart from the corporate business attorneys also involved in serving clients in the social business. Project Concern International is a US based international NGO working in Bangladesh for implementing USAID funded project for the time being. Attorneys has been providing all the legal services to the PCI to run it's operation in Bangladesh right from its inception.

Corporate Restructuring of Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Ltd:

Attorneys played the pivotal role in restructuring this company in Feb 2007. After Bata Limited (Canada) delegated its management responsibility and goodwill to GFS (Singapore) and Bata Brands s.a.r.l (Switzerland), the local company had to undergo some legal procedures in order to be in compliance with the change. Attorneys supervised the contract between the parties.

Legal Opinion to Reckitt & Benckiser BD Ltd:

Attorneys provided legal opinion to the management of Reckitt Benckiser BD Ltd. on the issue of stock offerings by the Reckitt & Benckiser PLC (London) to the employees of the local company.

Developed Staff Handbook of Oxfam GB:

The British charity organization Oxfam GB needed to prepare its Staff Handbook in Sep 2007. Attorneys provided help to develop the Staff Handbook of the company.

Consultant for GIZ:

Mr. Jafrul Hassan sharif and Mr. M. Yousuf Ali, the partner of the firm were the consultant of the PSES project of GIZ Germany where they were closely working the project named " Social and Environmental Standards of the Clothing Industries of Bangladesh" in that project there is a component on Building Safety in its Occupational Health Safety ( OHS) part. Both the lawyer worked intensively for GIZ on this issue and developed a factory building safety manual using BNBC as the basis.

GTZ invested $600,000 to Bangladesh Bank as a guarantee for the Commercial Banks providing loan to the poor farmers. Attorneys provided solutions to GTZ about the possible ways of utilizing the amount after the expiry of the guarantee period.

Presently we are working in  Social & Environmental Standard in Clothing Industry  as local law expert.

Tax Consultant and Corporate Advisor of Gulf Oil Bangladesh Ltd.

Attorneys helped streamline their Corporate Policies with the official standards of the Joint Stock of Companies. As their Tax consultant, we provided them with the best possible tax advice to keep their taxes at a minimum and properly manage their tax file.

Zonal Legal Advisor for Multiline Group GmBH.

Being the Zonal Legal Advisor of Multiline Group GMbH, one of the biggest garments importers in Germany, our area of operation includes the entire Asia pacific region. As to that, we also have maintains liaison with various law firms working for Multiline throughout this region and to monitor their activities.

Legal Advisor for IDLC

Attorneys provide legal vetting for the numerous financing vehicles and Syndicated loan projects of IDLC.

Tax Consultant of Rahimafrooz

Tax litigation is one of the proficient areas of Attorneys. Attorneys has expertly handled the tax reference case of Rahimafrooz, a leading diversified business house, in Supreme Court.